⚙️Token Utility


After the Alpha platform launch, 2% of the token supply will be dedicated towards the $VOXE staking pool. Twelve months later, a linear portion of the total pool allocation will be distributed towards all stakers. In 1 year, we will use 10% of all monthly platform revenues to buy back $VOXE tokens from the market and distribute them towards the staking pool.


10% of monthly platform revenues will be used to buy back $VOXE tokens from the market and burn these tokens.


Users can stake different amounts of $VOXE tokens in order to increase their level and access more features:

Tier 1: Stake 5.000 $VOXE
 Animated Avatar, App Icon Change, Special Profile Status, XP Multiplier

Tier 2: Stake 10.000 $VOXE Profile Insights, Special Profile Status, Advanced Privacy Settings, XP Multiplier

Tier 3: Stake 30.000 $VOXE Improved Messenger, Special Profile Status, XP Multiplier

Tier 4: Stake 100.000 $VOXE Matching Plus, Special Profile Status, XP Multiplier

Tier 5: Stake 300.000 $VOXE VPN, Special Profile Status, Upgraded Wallet, XP Multiplier


Accordingly to the profile level, users will get a bigger cashback and content creators will reach lower fees, both (up to 5%) will be paid in $VOXE token. Moreover, all direct payments within the platform can be made using $VOXE token.


$VOXE token is used for platform rewards and user incentives like referral programs or other user achievements. We are integrating gamification into our platform to give users more fun and a better user experience.

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