🗝️The Role of the Keys in the Launch

By offering invitation keys exclusively to users during the Alpha version launch, the platform aims to trigger powerful emotions among users, such as fear of missing out (FOMO), exclusivity, and a sense of scarcity. As users with keys invite more users to the platform, they become part of an exclusive group, further fueling their purpose of belonging and encouraging them to participate more actively. This, in turn, is expected to create a similar initial growth effect as ClubHouse had.

Keys Distribution and Rules:

Based on the level you reach at the end of Phase 2, you receive up to 17 keys per level to invite your friends and family into the Alpha version of VOXE.

Ultimately, the goal is to leverage this initial growth to drive user acquisition and promote long-term growth and profitability for the platform.

Earn the keys and get access to the alpha version in three steps:

  1. Join the waiting list

  2. Complete challenges and tasks to improve your position

  3. Reach the top positions

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