🧠How to Invest?

VOXE has successfully completed its Pre-Seed Sale, generating over $127K in funding from European private investors. This milestone emphasizes the feasibility and potential of our business model, which has garnered the attention and support of early investors who recognize the company's growth prospects.

As the Team progresses in its growth journey, it presents potential investment opportunities through its Seed Round, with a minimum investment amount of $10K and a 50% discount. Following established practices in the startup community, VOXE will utilize the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) as the contractual framework for the Seed Round investment.

By implementing the SAFT agreement, we offer investors a transparent, secure, standardized investment vehicle that aligns with industry best practices. This agreement, detailing the investment's terms and conditions, ensures that all parties are fully informed about their rights and obligations, fostering a more harmonious and productive relationship between the company and its investors.

As we progress towards the business objectives, it welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with investors who share its vision and are dedicated to contributing to its success.

If you want to participate in the seed sale round, please reach out to team@voxe.io

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