The “Average Spending Per User” estimations are based on the most similar business models.

VOXE Premium -> Youtube, Telegram Premium and Twitter Blue.

VOXE Subs and Int. Transactions -> Patreon, Onlyfans

NFTs 2.0 -> NFT Market Q3-4 2022

Revenue Streams:

  • VOXE Premium: $5.99 a month

  • Subscriptions & Micro Transactions: Average Spending Per User is $6 a month

  • NFTS 2.0: Average Monthly Volume per User is 203$

Regressive fees system for internal transactions starting at 20% and lower; NFTs 2.0 (2.5%-1% for Seller) as a primary source of profit. From VOXE Premium estimated margin goal is 20-30%.

Growth Rate Assumptions:

According to industry experts such as YCombinator's Paul Graham, a weekly growth rate of 10% is considered the ideal standard for startups. However, the industry also widely accepts a more reasonable and sustainable rate of 5-7% per week.

Based on successful platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, Netflix, Apple Music, and Facebook, it is apparent that projections are not only feasible but realistic. With a total audience of 4.89 billion individuals, attaining these significant milestones is possible.

In light of numerous dissatisfied creators and users with the current platform offerings, VOXE expects a first-year growth rate of 480% for paid and 360% for active free users. A new ecosystem tailored to creators' needs will impact them significantly.

Yearly Growth Rates:

480% Paid Users - 360% Active Free Users


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