🤝Content Creators Strategy

This Strategy was invented to work with Content Creators on a long-term basis and designed to help VOXE to build a consistent and engaged community. To implement this strategy, Partnership Department will identify valuable content creators, establish a connection, foster a positive and collaborative relationship, and regularly evaluate and adjust future stages of the strategy.


1. May - mid-July

Goal: 60 Creators in Private Community.

Strategy: Reach out to potential members, build relationships, and incentivise early adopters through a referral program. A Telegram channel will keep them updated on exclusive updates and content. This will generate interest and build momentum for VOXE Alpha Launch.

Sources: List of 1000 cc, social media activity, cold emailing

Budget: $1000 for Paid Tools, Ads Spending, and Trips.

2. mid - July - September

Goal: 130 Creators in Private Community.

Strategy: In this stage, the Partnership Department will work on improving engagement among community members to retain them and attract new creators. We'll use a KPI tracking system to monitor progress and milestone achievements. This will help us enhance the community's overall performance.

Sources: Referral program, Influencers Agencies, Social media activity, conferences and summits.

Budget: $2000 for Paid Tools, Influencers Collabs, Ads Spending, Events and Trips.

3. October-December

Goal: 250 Creators in Private Community.

Strategy: With the help of the KPI tracking system, our team can enhance the community ecosystem to maximise the sharing potential of the referral program and incentivise members effectively.

Sources: Referral program, Paid Promotions, Social media activity, conferences and summits.

Budget: $3000 for Paid Tools, Influencers Collabs, Ads Spending, Events and Trips.

Sources [Explained]:

Cooperation with Influencers Agencies

(List of them https://influencermarketinghub.com/influencer-marketing-agencies/)

Collaborate with agencies and influencers to promote VOXE on social media with posts showcasing the platform.

Youtube Paid promotions

Produce YouTube videos to showcase VOXE's value proposition and complement our influencer collaboration on other social media platforms.

Partners' assistance

Leverage partnerships with companies such as Magna and Mercuryo to introduce VOXE as a strategic partner on social media and attract creators and users.

Conferences and Summits

Attending conferences and summits to attract creators, partners, and investors. Showcase our value proposition, build relationships, and establish credibility.

Targeted Ads on Social Media

Using targeted social media ads with attractive creatives to reach content creators worldwide. Facebook's and other platforms advanced targeting settings will be used to reach the ideal audience and introduce Early Community and platform benefits.

Online and offline events/meetups held by VOXE

Host live streams on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitch with Q&A sessions and feature brainstorming. Exclusive VOXE Meetups for Early Community members and a VOXE Event before our Alpha launch to showcase our progress and gather feedback.

Referral program

Offering a referral program to reward active content creators who help grow our Private Community. This incentivises our community to refer new users and fosters a sense of ownership. We aim to attract and retain engaged content creators invested in our platform's success.

1000s list

The CC Strategy begins with a pre-compiled list of content creators who share VOXE's values and vision. We'll use this list to reach out to creators who meet our criteria and will likely resonate with the community.

Cold emailing

Launching an email campaign to attract more content creators. Using targeted messaging and personalised outreach, we aim to connect with interested creators and communicate the benefits of joining VOXE.

Incentives [Explained]:

Referral Program

Incentivising early content creators to invite others to join VOXE's Early Community before the launch of the Alpha version. By doing so, we aim to increase engagement and growth within the community. After VOXE Alpha Launch, each participant of the Referral Program will get 0.5 $VOXE per follower to the Wallet for every invited Content Creator.

Promotional Content for Small Businesses

VOXE's Early Community helps small businesses attract new customers by leveraging the power of social media and engaging with content creators. The community can be a valuable marketing tool for small businesses looking to expand their reach.

Exclusive cards

We will launch exclusive cards edition with unique serial numbers (e.g. 1000 1000 1000 0001) featuring a one-of-a-kind design, which will be made available for use immediately following the launch of VOXE Alpha.

Community chat

Create a Telegram chat exclusively for Private Community members to collaborate, brainstorm and participate in live streams. It'll later be migrated to VOXE messenger during Stage 3.

Exclusive discounts with partnered shops and services

Partnering with businesses such as local shops, restaurants, online retailers, hotels etc., to offer exclusive discounts to Private Community members, promoting unity among individuals and companies with shared values.

Referral program [Explained]

A referral program incentivises Content Creators to invite more creators to the Private Community. This cost-effective way to acquire new Creators through personal connections and trust leads to higher conversion rates and customer retention. The program promotes engagement and loyalty among Private Community members and benefits both VOXE and Creators.

System of bonuses for Referral Program participants.Bonuses will be applied to Content Creator's profile after VOXE Alpha launch, as well as 0.5 $VOXE per each follower, subscribed to Invited Creator which Creator will get directly to the Wallet.

1 free month of VOXE Premium, 7% commission from VOXE fees on users you invite, 2% lower fees, 2% cash back in $VOXE, +7 Keys

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