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Why are you not focusing on solving one problem with one particular feature?

We believe that addressing the complex challenges creators and users face on modern social media requires a holistic approach rather than focusing on solving one problem with a single feature. Examples such as Clubhouse, BeReal, and Vine etc... taught us that platforms that rely on a single feature could quickly become irrelevant as major social media platforms can easily implement these features. Nowadays, people have a high demand for an advanced and complete experience; also, it is proven that a social media platform that provides just one feature will struggle to retain their attention for an extended period.

How do we compete with social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitch...?

The main variable for the success of social media platforms is traffic and retention. Therefore content creators are the key factor and main area of focus for us.

Modern social media platforms are high-risk and mostly low-income environments to operate in. Thus, we are becoming a most appealing choice by providing content creators with multiple monetization options, a low censorship degree, and the efficiency of crypto. Consequently, with every content creator joining, we are enlarging audience reach and securing future growth.

How are you going to develop such a large amount of features?

The team is prioritizing product feature development based on user value assumptions and testing and leveraging feedback from our users through the Poll widget. By gathering input from our users, we can better understand their needs and preferences and make informed decisions about which features to prioritize for development.

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Why so many Creators are unsatisfied with the actual social media platforms?
  1. Algorithm changes: Social media platforms constantly change algorithms, negatively affecting creators' visibility and engagement with their audience. These changes are unpredictable, leaving creators unsure on how to optimize their content.

  2. Monetization: Many social media platforms have complex and constantly changing monetization policies that make it difficult for creators to earn a stable income from their work. Additionally, some platforms significantly cut creator earnings, leaving them with less revenue.

  3. Content moderation: Creators feel frustrated with the content moderation policies of social media platforms. Platforms must balance freedom of expression with preventing harmful or offensive content from spreading on their platform, and creators may feel their content is unfairly targeted or censored.

  4. Lack of control: Creators feel limited control over their content on social media platforms. Platforms can change terms of service or policies without notice, and creators may not have a way to appeal or negotiate these changes.

  5. Competition: As social media platforms become more saturated; it becomes increasingly difficult for creators to stand out and grow their audience. This frustrates creators who feel like they're putting in much effort but not seeing the desired results.

Why is privacy a real user pain?

Recent data suggests that social privacy is a growing concern for people, with 81% reporting increased worry compared to last year. 69% have deleted or considered deleting their social media accounts following data breaches. Furthermore, 79% of people prefer to sell their data rather than allow social media platforms to monetize it. These trends highlight the need for social media platforms to prioritize data privacy and offer more transparent data practices to restore trust and confidence among users.


Why actual censorship use is a threat for democracy?

Social media platforms are facing increasing criticism for their use of censorship, which is not only employed to combat misinformation and fake news but also to advance their own interests. However, this has led to instances where freedom of speech has been suppressed, and censorship has been inappropriately utilized. As a result, users' trust in major social media platforms has reached an all-time low. Given these issues, it is crucial that web3 social media startups prioritize the elimination of individual interest corruption within social media. By doing so, these startups can restore user trust in social media platforms and help to ensure that censorship is only employed for the purpose of fighting misinformation and promoting factual accuracy. Ultimately, this will result in a healthier and more productive social media ecosystem where users can engage in meaningful discussions without fear of censorship or suppression of their views.

Why we have low fees?

VOXE strives to empower users through a fair environment that enables prosperity and growth, leveraging a lower entry-level and higher earning potential for creators.

How do you manage racism, discrimination or sexual abuse content?

By leveraging the power of community moderation, AI algorithms, and blockchain technology we prevent the spread of harmful content related to racism, discrimination, and sexual abuse, etc... As a result, users can engage in discussions freely in a safer place.

Why is AI a competitive advantage?

AI enables automation and optimization of content moderation, personalization, and recommendation systems, leading to increased user engagement, loyalty, and revenue opportunities. At VOXE, we plan to implement it to have a more productive experience for the users.

Why VOXE Premium is different from other platforms premium features?

VOXE Premium aims to provide users valuable add-on features relevant to their needs and preferences. Our team is focused on creating various features for various occasions to ensure users get the most out of their premium subscriptions. Some features we provide as Premium are: VPN, Premium Merch Access, Content Productivity Tool, Livestream filters, Voice-to-Text etc...

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